So Funny, Too Cute

Sneezing Baby Panda Is Still So Cute

The Giant Pandas natural habitat is traditionally central and southwest China, but Sneezing Baby Panda himself was actually born in the first captive breeding center for pandas. A place called Wolong in China’s Sichuan province. Sneezing Baby Panda’s mother was Mao Mao and his Dad, well we’re not quite sure!

Wolong Giant Panda Breeding Center is high in the mountains, part of a vast wild nature reserve of 200,000 hectares. However in May 2008 a massive earthquake wiped out much of the Center along with villages and towns in the area. Most of the pandas including Sneezing Baby Panda were rescued and rushed down the hill to safety. But Sneezing Baby Panda’s mum, Mao Mao was crushed in her enclosure when a wall of rock and mud slid down into the valley. Everyone at the center was devastated by the loss of the popular little panda but, she is, of course, immortalized in the Sneezing Baby Panda video clip!

As of April 2015 the video has had over 200 million views.

The Sneezing Baby Panda