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Slow Motion Video – Water Balloon to the Face

Time Warp is a popular science-themed television program produced for the Discovery Channel in the United States, in which Jeff Lieberman, an MIT scientist, teacher, and artist, along with high speed camera expert Matt Kearney, use their high speed camera to examine everyday occurrences and singular talents.

Time Warp captured common everyday events and viewed them again in slow a motion video to uncover the many principles of physics. To do so, they examined things such as a drop of water, explosions (many of them), gunshots, ballet dancing, cornflour, shallow water diving, X games and sometimes some uncanny things like piercing one’s cheek or standing on blades.

The high speed cameras were used at as low as 500 frame/second for capturing how dogs drink to as high as 40,000 frame/second for capturing bullets, breaking glass, etc. Speeds above 20,000 frame/second were shot in black and white as the amount of light needed to record in black and white is significantly lower than what’s needed to record in color.

This particular slow motion video, Water Balloon to the Face, was uploaded to YouTube on Jan 28, 2009 and has nearly 30 million views to date. It was one of the first popular high speed camera videos, starting a slow-mo craze.

Slow Motion Video – Water Balloon to the Face