So Funny

Road Rage Backfires and It’s Halarious

I’ve had, and caused, road rage most of my adult life. When you own the road, you will always find those who disagree and think they own the road. Those people anger me, but I’m not the only one. What happens when road rage backfires? Let’s find out.

Imagine being part of this scenario. You and your buds are driving down the street, minding your own business, when suddenly two angry men emerge. They walk toward your car, screaming obscenities. They begin beating your car door and punch you several times through the window. You have no idea what has brought on this reign of terror, but you are sure they are suffering from mistaken identity and have the wrong guy. At first you are compliant saying, “Wait, what are you doing, it wasn’t me, why is this happening to meeee!”

After a full minute of this abuse, you have had enough. Your friend has had enough. You both become enraged and commence to swinging punches out of nowhere. Your punches are true and your enemies are now on the run. You snatch one guys arm off and beat him with it. You knock the other guy to the ground and kick him repeatedly in the face. You both jump up and down on the bodies of your foes, and set them on fire. Then you dance! You dance around them like wild natives after an epic battle. Now it’s time to take out your hatchet and….

… wait, I imagined some of that last bit, but the rest happens in this video. Enjoy!