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Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

Potter Puppet Pals is a puppet show web series parodying the Harry Potter novel series by JK Rowling, created by Neil Cicierega.

The first two episodes were animated, both released in 2003 on Newgrounds. On September 26, 2006, the series was re-launched on YouTube under Cicierega’s page as “Potions Class”. Six more episodes were released by Cicierega between 2006 and 2009. Approximately one year after the seventh episode was released, a new video appeared on Neil’s channel announcing an exclusive Potter Puppet Pals channel. On the same day, three more videos were released on this page. The Potter Puppet Pals make appearances at some Harry Potter parties, such as Yule Balls 2007 and 2010.

Both the original animated episodes, as well as the first seven live-action episodes, have been published to the official Potter Puppet Pals webpage.

“The Mysterious Ticking Noise”, released March 23, 2007, was the 22nd most-viewed video on YouTube as of May 2014 with over 160.5 million views. The video was nominated and won in the Comedy category in the 2008 YouTube Awards with 61.6% of the votes in that category. In the video, Severus Snape hears a strange ticking and, noticing it has a catchy rhythm, begins singing to it, followed by Dumbledore, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter. Towards the end, Ron discovers that the source of the ticking is a pipe bomb that explodes as they celebrate, letting Lord Voldemort sing his name by himself to the tune of “Lollipop” by The Mudlarks. At the New York premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Alan Rickman was interviewed by MTV and quoted as saying “[Potter Puppet Pals] is very beautifully done, that little piece of work. Can you get rich from that? I hope they did.” Daniel Radcliffe also mentioned in an interview by MTV that the cast of the Harry Potter (film series) should do a live action version of “The Mysterious Ticking Noise” for a charity.

Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise