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Meat Eaters Meet the Vegan Burger That Bleeds

Most meat eaters eat meat because of the taste. Most vegans stop eating meat because of their empathy for animals and love for the earth in general. Maybe they can both be satisfied with a new plant based meat product by Impossible Foods.

The only way to decrease the meat farming industry and meat intake by humans is to create a vegan burger that meat eaters will accept as a real burger. How can this be done? A molecule called Heme, the secret ingredient that gives real meat that distinctive flavor.

The system we use today to produce meat and cheeses is completely unsustainable. It has terrible destructive environmental consequences and many scientists and doctors believe it’s intrinsically unhealthy to eat.

Meat Eaters, meet the meat of the future.

The more plant based meat products that tastes like real meat, the fewer excuses meat eaters will have for switching to a vegan diet. If it looks like meat, bleeds like meat, tastes like meat, even sizzles on the grill like meat, why not try it?