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Charlie Bit My Finger – Again

“Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!”, more simply known as Charlie Bit My Finger or Charlie Bit Me (referring to a quotation in the video), is a 2007 Internet viral video famous for formerly being the most viewed YouTube video. As of April 2015, the video ranks as the eleventh most viewed video on YouTube with over 815 million views. This video also won the 2014 VMA’s Best motion Video.

Howard Davies-Carr, the father of the boys, said the video was “simply an attempt to capture the boys growing up”. While watching the finger-biting scene on his camera after recording it, it “didn’t particularly stand out”. It was not until he transferred the video onto his computer a few weeks later and played it again that he realized it was funny.

The Davies-Carr family lives in England. Howard uploaded the video onto YouTube so that it could be watched by the boys’ grandfather, who was living in the United States. He chose YouTube because the size of the video file was so big that it could not be sent by email. Originally the video was set to private and he mentions, “I was just about to remove (the video) before it exploded[….] but once it had (exploded) I had lost control of the clip anyway so I left it.”

“Charlie Bit My Finger” had received 2.6 million views on YouTube at the start of February 2008 and 12 million hits in March 2008. In December 2008, it was the twelfth most viewed video on YouTube with 65 million views. In April the following year, the video had received 92 million hits. It became the second most viewed video in August 2009, and took over the title as the most viewed video ever at the end of October 2009, when it replaced Evolution of Dance. As of November 2009, “Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!” had received over 130 million views. In addition to being the most viewed, it was also the “most favorited” and the second “most discussed” video on the website in the United Kingdom. In a May 2009 report compiled by Visible Measures, which measures video hits across 150 video-sharing websites, “Charlie Bit My Finger” was the thirteenth most viewed viral video on the Internet.

As of April 2015 it has had over 818,000,000 views and remains the most viewed YouTube video that is not a professional music video.

Charlie Bit My Finger