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Blue Man, The Real Effects of Colloidal Silver Use

Meet “Blue Man”, Paul Karason, an American man whose entire skin gradually turned blue after using colloidal silver made by himself with distilled water, salt and silver. He also used a silver salve on his face. Both were an attempt to treat problems with his sinus, dermatitis, acid reflux and other issues.

Argyria or argyrosis is a condition caused by inappropriate exposure to chemical compounds of the element silver, or to silver dust. The most dramatic symptom of argyria is that the skin turns blue or bluish-grey.

Medical authorities do not recommend colloidal silver, because of its lack of proven effectiveness and the risk of side effects. In animals and humans chronic intake of silver products commonly leads to gradual accumulation of silver compounds in various parts of the body.

Since at least the mid-19th century, doctors have known that silver or silver compounds can cause some areas of the skin and other body tissues to turn grey or blue-grey.

Since this airing, he has appeared almost everywhere, including Oprah.

Karason died on September 23, 2013 after suffering a heart attack and stroke, which were unrelated to his skin discoloration.

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